David Lynch on Product Placement

He's straight as an arrow.


Just Keep On Chooglin'

It's about time Canned Heat released a music video for "Going Up the Country".


The World Is Short Two Mullets

As many already know, Chris Benoit and Rod Beck are no longer with us. Beck was found dead in his Phoenix home on June 23rd, Benoit was found dead two days later, on the 25th. The two deaths have been reported as isolated incidents, but this reeks of foul play. It's more than a coincidence when two paragons of the redneck community die within mere days of each other. While it's been several years since Benoit sported a mullet, he's always exuded one, and it's hard to picture him without it. Beck was a lifer. Someone wanted them both out of the picture.

Details are still coming in with both incidents, but I wouldn't be surprised if this explodes in political controversy. I can feel it in my mullet.


Phil Hoffman Is Wearing Leather

Apparently Philip Seymour Hoffman does all his own stunt work. The dude is a champion.


Killing's As Easy As Breathing

Long live the 80s action movie. I was skeptical of the Rambo-revival, but this trailer indicates that they're going to deliver the goods.


Look Around You - 3 - Germs

These videos are a delight.


The Field Is Alive With the Sound Of...

Why is the best-reviewed album of 2007 (so far) a repetitive piece of poop? Search me.

But this is a perfect example of the band-wagon power wielded by the Pitchfork soundanistas. Fuck it, I'll be dammed if a website called Cokemachineglow holds any sway over my music purchases.


Minor League Braves Manager Goes Crazy

The greatest manager ejection I have ever seen.