Hungry Like the Wolfmother

me why shitty bands like Nickleback and Evanescence are some of the top downloads on the iTunes, I could probably give a poor explanation involving niche marketing, distribution, and the sham that is the Grammys. But in the end, I'd still be baffled.

The Australian band Wolfmother is worth listening to. They mix the White Stripes with Led Zeppelin in a relevant combination of modern and classic rock that makes them sound like they are playing in a garage that seats 50,000. In other words, they should be huge.

Yet, like the mighty dinosaur, giant bands are dying out. Or to be more accurate, they all vanished instantly after a cataclysmic meteor crash. The cataclysmic meteor being, in this sense, the release of NSync's No Strings Attached in 2000. Revelations, indeed. Rather than going into detail, I'll simply point out an interesting piece in Wired about this very phenomenon.

At least some bands are still going for it. Best of luck, Wolfmother. You can count on me to rock out.