Moving On Down the Road

Today I moved into a nice Brooklyn apartment that's a step up for me. Overall I am happy with the decision, but the month of September in New York will be absolutely ridiculous. The apartment, which is just big enough for three people, will house 5-6 people for the next thirty days.

It's going to be like bad television around here: three guys, three girls, one apartment, two cats, a pizza place, and a whole 'lotta attitude! But I shouldn't be such a pessimist. Before you know it, we'll all be sitting around the boob tube enjoying syndicated episodes of Friends and everything will be all right. Just looking at this picture of Matt LeBlac already makes me feel better:

Talk about a painkiller. Just take two doses of Joey before you go to bed and you won't remember who you are. If only my living situation reminded me more of this show:

Now we're cooking with gas. The Sheild is one of the best shows on television. The writing is incredible. I blew through the first four seasons on DVD and I am eager to sink my teeth into the fifth. I hear good things. Cheers, FK Network! Jeers, Matt LeBlanc!